Cookies Consent GDPR Plugin

Cookies Consent GDPR Plugin

This is a plugin I made to install on clients websites for the GDPR that came into effect on 25th May 2018.

It's a simple plugin and requires very little input from the developer. You simply need to be using jQuery 1.9.1 or later, Bootstrap 3 or later and FontAwesome 4 or later.

Installtion instructions

  1. Download the zip file here, which contains a JS file, a CSS file and a cookie icon SVG.
  2. Open the JS file and amend the nine variables at the top of the document;
    • prefix - this is used to prefix all the cookie names. Ideally you'd use your company name followed by an underscore but it's your choice
    • company_name - pretty self explanatory for this one
    • landing_text - this is the text that appears when you open the cookie modal. I'd suggest you use it to explain cookies in general and why you use them
    • analytical_text, advertising_text and user_created_text - this is the text where you should explain which cookies use this and why you need them
    • cookie_expiration - you can either specify a datetime or a time based on when the use clicks accept
    • if_not_advertising_cookies and if_not_analytical_cookies - here's the important part! If a user declines a specific set of cookies, we need to block them. So add to this array a list of cookies you DON'T want to display if a user decides to opt out. I've included the common Google ones.
  3. Link the JS and CSS files to your base file and away you go!

If you have any issues, feel free to email me on